College Football

Recruiting During A Global Pandemic

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the country in more ways than just causing mass sickness and hysteria, it has continued to impact our everyday lives including the world of sport.  As discussed in my last blog, this pandemic has impacted the college football world in more ways than just cancelling spring […]

Is 2020 College Football in Jeopardy?

When the novel COVID-19 strain of coronavirus hit the United States, no one thought it would impact the sports world in the way it has or for how long it may impact it. With competition at every level being postponed indefinitely or even straight up canceled, the country has been rocked by a lack of […]

Rankings and Analytics: Rearing their ugly heads once more.

As it has been argued before, college football arguably has the most passionate fans in the United States. These hardcore followers adhere to their team and the sport like a cult and will complain at the slightest controversies. It often comes to a head when rankings are released. Whether it be bemoaning the preseason polls […]

How to Make a Smarter Fan

When looking through any team’s fan’s social media, it is easy to find a wide array of opinions. From hot takes to celebrations – frustrations and musings. There is no limit to what a fan will want to discuss and argue. As great as that is, it often comes off as misinformed. So how do […]