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The Hypothetical 2020 Twins Season, Part 16: Best Team In Baseball

Major League Baseball is on its way back! Everybody freak out! While we wait for Spring Training 2.0 and the season to start up, we will continue to have Jack Kewitsch take over the team as both the manager and general manager through Out of the Park (OOTP) in this simulation-style season.

Continuing to roll through the middle portion of the schedule, we have to start pumping these out daily again. After a two-week break from writing on it and the MLB season beginning July 23, we don’t have much time to secure a World Series victory!

All-Star Update:

Not much changed here outside of Kenta Maeda joining the fold! Expect a lot of Twins in LA come the All-Star break!

PositionNamePlaceVotesVotes Back/Up
CatcherMitch Garver1st2,625,760~350,000 up
First BaseMiguel Sano2nd2,190,192~500,000 back
Second BaseLuis Arraez1st2,185,327~100,000 up
Third BaseJosh Donaldson2nd2,928,694~70,000 back
Center FieldByron Buxton2nd2,287,296~1,000,000 back
Right FieldMax Kepler1st2,272,778~80,000 up
Designated HitterNelson Cruz1st2,680,382~500,000 up
Starting PitcherJake Odorizzi2nd1,597,482~90,000 back
Starting PitcherKenta Maeda5th1,527,839~160,000 back
RelieverZach Littell1st1,083,909~150,000 up
RelieverTaylor Rogers3rd902,180~180,000 back

Game 92: Minnesota Twins (66-25) vs. Kansas City Royals (36-54)

Comeback Attack

After a rough start from Odorizzi, hope was running thin through the dugout. Giving up two home runs and four RBI to Daniel Robertson is not ideal. Especially when he only had one dinger on the year prior.

Down 4-0 it was time to get to work. A Sano single in the sixth made it 4-1 and a wild pitch scored Polanco in the seventh to make it 4-2.

It was still bleak though. As we entered the ninth still down two and had two outs and Buxton at the plate. Although he has some pop in his bat, it does not happen often. But tonight was his night as he smashed one to left to tie the game and send it to extras.

Rogers would pitch a perfect tenth and then Cruz got on to begin the bottom of the inning. Sano then managed to TRIPLE and send the Target Field faithful into hysterics.

Final Score: Twins 5 – Royals 4

Twins Record: 67-25

Bomba Counter: 158 (2nd)

Game 93: Minnesota Twins (67-25) vs. Kansas City Royals (36-55)

Touch ‘Em All!

Entering the second game of the series, I was questioning how Pineda would perform in only his third game back in the rotation. It started off well, going four innings and allowing only two runs. But then was too injured to pitch and I had to remove him for Rich Hill. Thankfully, it is only a mild strain and is day-to-day for about four days. So expect him to start his next time up.

Offensively, these are the games you love to see from this lineup. It was such a barrage offensively that I might as well just give a list of what happened:

  • Sano hit 3 Bombas (3-5, 3 RBI)
  • Cruz hit 2 Bombas (2-5, 4 RBI)
  • Donaldson hit a Bomba (4-5, 1 RBI)
  • Buxton hit 2 doubles and 2 triples (4-6, 2 RBI)
  • Arraez had 3 RBI
  • Everyone, except Garver, got at least a hit

It makes sense we scored 15 runs!

While the Royal kept it interesting, eventually scoring seven total runs, it wasn’t even close to what they could have done to make it competitive.

Final Score: Twins 15 – Royals 7

Twins Record: 68-25

Bomba Counter: 164 (2nd)

Game 94: Minnesota Twins (68-25) vs. Kansas City Royals (36-56)

Seventh inning Explosion

It was a back and forth game to start. Both clubs scoring three runs in the first four innings. Including a Garver blast. Berrios struggled in this one, but still managed to get the win over seven innings.

Yet it was the seventh inning that provided us with the boost to win the game. Still tied at three, we would score six runs before even registering an out and add two more for good measure.

Onto the next.

Final Score: Twins 11 – Royals 6

Twins Record: 69-25 (nice)

Buxton Steal Count: 78 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 165 (2nd)

Game 95: Minnesota Twins (69-25) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (46-47)

Buxton Bombas

Prior to the game, I received a trade offer from the Cincinatti Reds. While they were willing to give me left fielder Jesse Winker for Jorge Polanco, that was going to be a no from me. However, I did manage to convince them to taking Eddie Rosario along with some prospects. Not only does this increase our available money, but it also should be the upgrade in left that Pohlad is looking for.

Talk about being hot at the plate! Buxton has been hitting more Bombas than we anticipated this week. Hitting two more in the 12-4 win today. One being a grand slam and the other being a three-run shot. Giving him seven RBI on the day and 12 home runs on the year.

Samardzija pitched alright. Allowing only three runs in 6.1 pitched, but we definitely needed the offensive boost to win this one.

Final Score: Twins 12 – Blue Jays 4

Twins Record: 70-25

Buxton Steal Count: 79 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 167 (2nd)

Game 96: Minnesota Twins (70-25) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (46-48)

W After W

Series wins are becoming so normal for this team that I am running out of ideas for game titles. A good thing to have as an “issue”.

Maeda gave up a leadoff homer in the first, but settled down through the next six innings. Giving up only one more run on three more hits. Dropping his ERA below 3.00 once again and winning his 12th game.

Polanco, Sano, and Donaldson all homered and we would hold on for the win.

Final Score: Twins 5 – Blue Jays 3

Twins Record: 71-25

Bomba Counter: 170 (2nd)

Game 97: Minnesota Twins (71-25) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (46-49)

Our Winning Ways

We just keep rolling. I have never had this much success in an OOTP season before. So I am glad I get to share it with you.

Odorizzi picked up the win in this game. But it was a shorter outing than I would have liked. Only going 5.2 innings while giving up two runs off eight hits. Not the end of the world, especially when he got eight strikeouts. But I like to keep the bullpen as rested as possible. Thankfully we only needed Romo and Hill to pitch too.

Sano continued to mash, hitting two more Bombas, and Cruz hit his 30th on the year too.

Final Score: Twins 8 – Blue Jays 4

Twins Record: 72-25

Buxton Steal Count: 80 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 173 (2nd)

Game 98: Minnesota Twins (72-25) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (46-50)

All-Star Break Tuneup

“We did a lot of things right,” stated Michael Pineda after today’s game.

Short and sweet for a 4-2 win and sweep of the Blue Jays.

Pineda went eight innings allowing the only two runs for the Jays as the offense just out-did the southern Canadian neighbors with a two-run blast in the third.

Final Score: Twins 4 – Blue Jays 2

Twins Record: 73-25

Bomba Counter: 174 (2nd)

Week Review and Lookahead:

Nothing feels as good as winning in sports. We keep providing that feeling for Twins fans in 2020. Winning another game and sweeping the week against the Royals and Blue Jays.

With the All-Star Break this week, it will be the perfect time to reflect on the first half-plus of the season.

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