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The Hypothetical 2020 Twins Season, Part 15: Bomba Warning

Major League Baseball is on its way back! Everybody freak out! While we wait for Spring Training 2.0 and the season to start up, we will continue to have Jack Kewitsch take over the team as both the manager and general manager through Out of the Park (OOTP) in this simulation-style season.

A week behind on this series. For obvious reasons if we have spoken in the last week. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and offered to help. Our family cannot thank you enough. Just the thoughts and kindness have made this miraculous transition easier.

But without too much delay, let us get back to the Twins. We are on a 25-game win streak by the way. With one more win we tie the Major League record and two breaks it. The Tigers are on the docket first, so it is not out of the realm of possibility!

But even before that, Polanco was named AL Player of the Week! After racking up 8 hits in 15 AB with 3 HR and 8 RBI, it is a well deserved honor!

All-Star Update:

The All-Star Game is right around the corner! You know its true when you hear Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ to fireworks on the 4th of July…even if that epic piece of music doesn’t fit with the holiday in any manner.

It was a great week for a few of our players. But it was still interesting that Polanco fell off top-three voting even after a great week and garnering the weekly hitting award.

PositionNamePlaceVotesVotes Back/Up
CatcherMitch Garver1st2,181,625~350,000 up
First BaseMiguel Sano2nd1,768,632~420,000 back
Second BaseLuis Arraez1st1,794,890~100,000 up
Third BaseJosh Donaldson2nd2,375,774~100,000 back
Center FieldByron Buxton2nd1,857,628~800,000 back
Right FieldMax Kepler1st1,837,364~70,000 up
Designated HitterNelson Cruz1st2,214,570~450,000 up
Starting PitcherJake Odorizzi3rd1,309,104~52,000 back
RelieverZach Littell1st910,988~130,000 up
RelieverTaylor Rogers3rd736,661~120,000 back

Game 86: Minnesota Twins (61-24) at Detroit Tigers (31-53)

Tying the Record

I won’t lie. I thought tying the major league record for consecutive wins would feel more jubilant. But maybe that is just the White Claw with mango vodka loaded in talking.

Hey now, I don’t have an editor for this site. I do as I please here.

But nonetheless, 26 straight wins is AMAZING. Gleeman (and probably Baldelli and Co.) haven’t reached this mountain of success.

I should just send this to Dave St. Peter as my resume. (But in actuality, Dave. If you see this…I am free for a beer. On me.)

Maeda has been an absolute steal for the Twins. Both in this simulation, and likely in real life. Not only does his contract heavily favor the team (especially in the 60-game season we are about to see in real life), but he has also managed to win 10 games before the break. He’s a stud!

And if that wasn’t enough, he also was just awarded Pitcher of the Month

Sure, we were playing the Tigers. But this is still the majors. So to go 8.1 innings and allowing no runs on six hits is impressive.

On the offensive side of the ball, it was business as usual. Or as it should be.

Donaldson led off with a homer and then Sano and Polanco added their own to get us up 4-0 in the fourth. Add another in the seventh and we were golden.

Final Score: Twins 5 – Tigers 0

Twins Record: 62-24

Win Streak: 26
Bomba Counter: 148 (2nd)

Game 87: Minnesota Twins (62-24) at Detroit Tigers (31-54)

The Best Team of All-Time?

Well, are we? We squeezed out a win in this game. Giving us the MAJOR LEAGUE RECORD.

I personally say absolutely. I mean, we are going 60-0 in 2020 in real life and 11-0 in the playoffs to win the World Series. The only way I don’t put an asterisks by whomever wins this year.

It was not the prettiest of wins. But we still managed to win. We went down 1-0 in the first, but Donaldson pulled us back with a home run and a two-run double by Kepler put us up 3-1 in the third.

We would go back and forth with the Tigers for the rest of the game until the ninth when Arraez drove home the winning run from third on a sacrifice.

The worst part of this game was that Odorizzi did not get the win. Even with 10 Ks, it wasn’t enough to put him in the W column.

Final Score: Twins 5 – Tigers 4

Twins Record: 63-24

Win Streak 26
Buxton Steal Count: 72 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 149 (2nd)

Game 88: Minnesota Twins (63-24) at Detroit Tigers (31-55)

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Well. The streak is over. Although it was a hell of a run and we are now the holders of the Major League record for consecutive wins at 27.

This wasn’t a bad game, per se. But when the bats don’t come to life, it makes it difficult to win games.

On the mound, Pineda had a high quality start. He went eight complete innings while only allowing two hits and two runs. One of which was a home run to now retired and former Twin Denard Span.

We scored one off an Adrianza double, but that was it. The Tigers just had pitching going for them with Daniel Norris (3-10, 4.68 ERA) somehow winning this matchup. Maybe our guys were just ready to not have the stress of constantly winning.

Final Score: Tigers 2 – Twins 1

Twins Record: 63-25

Game 89: Minnesota Twins (63-25) at Cleveland Indians (53-35)

Frustrating Comeback

Even with a loss yesterday, the Indians are on a six-game slide so maybe it is the perfect bounce-back game. Yet it definitely did not start that way. With both teams struggling to put together anything offensively, the Indians finally got on the board in the fifth and sixth with a run in each to go up 2-0.

Berrios eventually struggled, especially when down, so I brought in Framber Valdez to hopefully keep it at a 2-0 deficit. Donaldson homered to make it a one-run game.

Then something clicked in the ninth. Usually a star closer, Brad Hand struggled. Eventually loading the bases and walking in the tying run. Ecstatic at just tying it, he did it AGAIN! Up 3-2 in the ninth. That was until Arraez did what he does best, hit baseballs. A double from him cleared the bases and ended up giving us the win.

Final Score: Twins 6 – Indians 2

Twins Record: 64-25

Bomba Counter: 150 (2nd)

Game 90: Minnesota Twins (64-25) at Cleveland Indians (53-36)

Bomba Warning

A great game today! As the title suggests, we hit some Bombas. Polanco in the second, Kepler in the third, and Sano in the fourth provided us with a lovely 4-0 lead.

As for Samardzija, he played well. Especially for someone who has begun to gain my trust as he is now 5-2 with us. He went six innings while striking out eight. His walks are a bit worrisome, with four in this game, but it is steps in the right direction.

Arraez would triple in Buxton to make it 5-0 and we knocked out the last few innings to secure another victory.

Final Score: Twins 5 – Indians 0

Twins Record: 65-25

Buxton Steal Count: 74 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 154 (2nd)

Game 91: Minnesota Twins (65-25) at Cleveland Indians (53-37)

More Bombas!

If the last game wasn’t enough Bomba action for you, then this game gave you some dessert.

Not only did we four more in this game off the bats of Astudillo, Sano, and two from Rosario. But Maeda also came out of the gates efficiently. As he struck out ten over seven innings while only allowing one run on three hits. A perfect continuation of his Pitcher of the Month Award.

Final Score: Twins 8 – Indians 4

Twins Record: 66-25

Buxton Steal Count: 77 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 158 (2nd)

Week Review and Lookahead:

While we were not able to extend the win-streak even further, picking it up while also going 5-1 on the week is amazing. We should continue the positive momentum this week at home against the Royals and Blue Jays.

Just peek at that division lead and tell me what there isn’t to like…

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