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The Hypothetical 2020 Twins Season, Part 13: Approaching the Record

Major League Baseball continues to shoot itself in the foot yet we still want to see our Twins play! That is why Banter Lads has decided to have Jack Kewitsch take over the team as both the manager and general manager through Out of the Park (OOTP).

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. That is what we are doing right now! 12-0 in our last two weeks and looking to keep it going. As always, it won’t come easy. We face-off against the Brewers and Yankees, so expect some frustration.

All-Star Update:

We continue to see some of our players surge as we approach the break. Time to keep building leads or chipping away at them.

PositionNamePlaceVotesVotes Back/Up
CatcherMitch Garver1st1,352,737~240,000 up
First BaseMiguel Sano2nd1,074,514~220,000 back
Second BaseLuis Arraez1st1,078,223~80,000 up
Third BaseJosh Donaldson2nd1,432,053~50,000 back
ShortstopJorge Polanco3rd981,280~260,000 back
Center FieldByron Buxton3rd1,053,123~600,000 back
Right FieldMax Kepler1st1,100,230~60,000 up
Designated HitterNelson Cruz1st1,344,285~230,000 up
RelieverZach Littell2nd514,284~9,000 back
RelieverTaylor Rogers5th454,770~70,000 back

Game 74: Minnesota Twins (49-24) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (29-42)

One at a Time

Feasting on struggling teams is a recipe for success. We continue to prove it. With Odorizzi on the mound, we received a solid outing from the right hander against the border rivals.

He went 7.2 innings and struck out five while only allowing three hits. The only runs the Brewers could muster were off Addison Russell’s two-run home run in the sixth.

But the team was already in the lead thanks to two cool bombs from Garver (13th) in the third for two and Buxton (9th) in the fifth. We would finish it out by scoring two more in the sixth when Rosario drove in Cruz and Sano off a single.

Final Score: Twins 5 – Brewers 2

Twins Record: 50-24

Buxton Steal Count: 65 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 126 (2nd)

Game 75: Minnesota Twins (50-24) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (29-43)

Maintaining the Course

As if 14 wins in a row wasn’t enough, how about 15?

That is precisely where we stand after sweeping the Brewers in this two-game set. With Berrios on the mound, we had another solid outing from the entire team. Jose had 10 strikeouts, Rogers got his 15th save, Buxton stole another bag, and Cruz continued to rake.

It was tight going into the seventh. Tied 3-3. But we managed to pull ahead and hold on in the bottom of the inning when Cruz hit his 23rd Bomba of the year.

Final Score: Twins 5 – Brewers 3

Twins Record: 51-24

Buxton Steal Count: 66 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 127 (2nd)

Game 76: Minnesota Twins (51-24) vs. New York Yankees (35-39)

More Cruz-ing

Well, the only thing that can make this win streak better is if we beat the AL record. If we keep playing the way we have, that is well within reach.

It was surprising to see the Yankees four games under .500 coming into today’s game. Not something you often see from a club that has the pedigree they do.

But they are, and we took full advantage.

Up 2-0 in the bottom of the second, Cruz came to the plate and mashed a cutter off Masahiro Tanaka for a grand slam for his 24th bomb of the year and league-leading 69th RBI.

Yet we weren’t content being up six. You never can be against the damn Yankees.

No, instead we added two more in the second and fourth and one in the fifth to make it an 11-0 lead.

While we would give up three runs after I pulled Maeda (7.1 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 7 K) for Samardzija, it was such a commanding lead that it wouldn’t matter. Twins win their 16th straight!

Final Score: Twins 11 – Yankees 3

Twins Record: 52-24

Bomba Counter: 128 (2nd)

Game 77: Minnesota Twins (52-24) vs. New York Yankees (35-40)

We Almost Became Icarus

The title speaks volumes. Down 3-2 after blowing a 2-0 lead, fans were praying to the ghost of Prince for a comeback.

They got it.

With two on and no one out in the eighth, Miguel Sano came through. Smashing a three-run blast off flamethrower Aroldis Chapman. It made the game 5-3.

It wasn’t the smoothest game, Odorizzi could only manage to make it through three innings even without a high pitch count or injury. But the bullpen held up for the most part and Rogers saved the game in the ninth. KEEP IT ROLLING!

Final Score: Twins 5 – Yankees 3

Twins Record: 53-24

Buxton Steal Count: 67 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 130 (2nd)

Game 78: Minnesota Twins (53-24) vs. New York Yankees (35-41)

Easy Money

Max Kepler was instrumental in the team’s performance today. The right fielder hit a home run and draw a walk while adding two RBI and a run as we won 5-1.

Zack Littell got the win out of the pen to go to 4-0 on the year while we did a little knocking around of Yankee starter and ace Gerrit Cole.

It was also Michael Pineda’s first game back on the roster. To minimize any potential injury, as he is prone to do in this game, I took him out after three innings and allowed the bullpen to work their magic.

18 games of winning in a row has never felt so good!

Final Score: Twins 5 – Yankees 1

Twins Record: 54-24

Buxton Steal Count: 68 (1st)
Bomba Counter: 131 (2nd)

Game 79: Minnesota Twins (54-24) vs. New York Yankees (35-43)


A sweep of the Yankees? In a four-game series? Imagine telling that to any Twins fan of the last two plus decades. They would laugh in your face.

Yet that is exactly what we did to finish out the week. Although it needed a comeback to do so.

Things were looking bleak heading into the bottom of the seventh. Down 7-3, it was going to be a tall task to comeback.

But small ball worked in our favor as we sting together five runs in the inning and regained the lead as Rogers saved it for the win!

Finals Score: Twins 8 – Yankees 7

Twins Record: 55-24

Bomba Counter: 132 (2nd)

Week Review and Lookahead:

All we have to do is win three straight to start next week to tie the AL record for consecutive wins at 22 that the Indians set in 2017. But even better would be to push it to 26 and tie the league record. Something that hasn’t been done since the record was set back in 1916 by the New York Giants.

With confidence at an all-time high, that is doable. Yet, as always, it won’t come easy. We face off against the trash can banging Astros* and the Rockies in the coming week.

If things don’t fall our way, at least we have built a four game lead over the Indians in the Central.

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