Banter Lads sport

Banter Rebrand

Welcome to Banter Lads! 

The brainchild of guy deprived of sport and nonsense during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You will find a mix of everything here from sport editorials, recaps, musings, arguments and more. With the goal to eventually provide a podcast, videos, sport simulations, and more. 

Will people read this or even care? Who knows? I am not your mother.

But with graduation having passed, hiring hitting a standstill, and boredom setting in I figured, what the hell, this should pass the time and provide an outlet to those who want to see what is going on inside a twenty-something’s brain.

Or maybe you don’t want to see that…

This blog used to be solely devoted to college football, hence the blogs on the subject, for a sport mass media course. So instead of scraping the entirety of my work, I figured I would utilize it and rebrand!

I hope you enjoy these or at least hear some toasty hot takes that provide insight to differing viewpoints on the world.

Have fun and banter on!

Yours in banter,

Jack Kewitsch

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