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The Hypothetical 2020 Minnesota Twins Season, Part 2: Taking the reins and botching pitching

Nothing is better than Opening Day in Major League Baseball. Well, maybe if your team lifts the Commissioner’s Trophy at the end of the season it isn’t, but I digress. The smell of freshly cut and manicured grass, beer, and hot dogs all the way to the new guidelines for extended netting. It encapsulates what […]

Banter Lads Baseball Minnesota Twins MLB OOTP

No live sports? No problem. A simulation of the Minnesota Twins’ hypothetical 2020 season. (Part 1)

I hate being cliché, but with no live sporting events occurring in the United States for the foreseeable future (although MLB does plan on a 2020 season) it is time to generate some fun storylines and stories through simulation. While some people hate this style of content and think it is tiring, they can go back […]

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The Tokyo Olympics may never happen, and it is an overreaction.

With the announcement by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics would be postponed to the Summer of 2021 back in March, it was hard to imagine things getting bleaker for the world’s premier sporting event. But it appears we may be headed that direction.  Tuesday brought a new threat from the […]

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Dilemma on the Bench – Who Should Hold the Clipboard?

The Vikings and their ever-precarious backup quarterback situation. What’s new? From Sage Rosenfels to Joe Webb and now Sean Mannion, it seems they can never attract or develop the right guy to play under center if it all hits the fan. So, when it came to the 2020 NFL Draft, it could be considered a […]

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Stop Knocking Spielman: The Justin Jefferson – Stefon Diggs Debate

Rick Spielman knows what he is doing.  Love him or hate him, the Minnesota Vikings’ general manager does not care about your feelings towards his stockpiling of late round draft picks or the occasional early round miss. One thing is clear though, he is damn good at drafting players that are fit to be molded […]

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Banter Rebrand

Welcome to Banter Lads!  The brainchild of guy deprived of sport and nonsense during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will find a mix of everything here from sport editorials, recaps, musings, arguments and more. With the goal to eventually provide a podcast, videos, sport simulations, and more.  Will people read this or even care? Who knows? I […]