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Is 2020 College Football in Jeopardy?

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When the novel COVID-19 strain of coronavirus hit the United States, no one thought it would impact the sports world in the way it has or for how long it may impact it. With competition at every level being postponed indefinitely or even straight up canceled, the country has been rocked by a lack of what typical brings us together in a time of difficulty. 

While the virus should, hopefully, die out with warmer weather around the corner, there is no telling if it will and what the extrapolated ramifications could be for not only the currently delayed sports but those to begin their seasons in the fall.

This is where college football comes into the fold. Arguably one of the most successful sports in the world, spring practices and games have already been canceled but will this continuing detrimental virus lead to a delay or even cancellation of the 2020 college football season?

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The 2020 season could see games played in empty stadiums or even written off altogether.

No one knows for sure. There have been rumors that the current sport seasons that extend into the fall will be canceled or played without fans in attendance, but will this impact college football?

While I hope it doesn’t, what if it does and the season is completely lost? That is where the main issues begin to rear their head. 

Not only will college athletic departments lose out on hundreds of millions in ticket sales, television revenue, and more collectively, but what do you do with the influx of players who have an eligibility clock that perpetually counts down?

That is what the NCAA is having to tackle for all their late winter and spring sports and potentially their fall ones too. 

While I believe that a one-year Title IX and scholarship waiver is the best and most effective route, there is no telling what the NCAA will do. Is it fair for teams to have a surplus of talent for additional years down the road when there is already a sizable talent gap, and on the other hand, would it be fair to cut some player’s careers short when this is their last opportunity to play a sport they love?

It is going to be a hellish few months and all we can hope is that players are treated with the best equity possible.

5 replies on “Is 2020 College Football in Jeopardy?”

This virus has changed the world as we know it. I was in shock when the remainder of spring sports seasons were cancelled. Although the additional year of eligibility is the best scenario for athletes who lost out on a season but it’s far from perfect. Hopefully this thing dies down before school and fall seasons begin.


I’m sure most of us have been extremely bored without sports these last few weeks. My fear is that most of the sports whose seasons were suspended (NBA, NHL, MLB) will just be cancelled for the year, making 2020 a wash. Unfortunately, there is far too much planning and logistics needed to make these sports run, and with no end in sight the restructuring of the season could be almost impossible.

I’ve also heard that the NCAA is considering moving the college football season up, to be played in July and August. A mid-August game in the Swamp…can you imagine?


Jackson, thank you for sharing. As a sports photographer, the prospect of missing college football season is haunting for me for a multitude of reasons. Hopefully, the disease is contained and life and sports can return to normalcy soon.


It is crazy to think that this pandemic could extend into the fall and affect college football, but it may happen, especially with the way things are trending, as Jacob pointed out. Even if college football is not directly affected, it could be impacted by other sports, which may end up extending into the college football season. Hopefully, we will have some type of sports soon, but in the meantime, everyone’s health and safety is of the utmost importance.



I am definitely worried about the prospect of football being played in the fall. As a country, we are seemingly still on the trend upward in terms of number of cases of coronavirus, so we may not see sports in general again until late 2020 or even 2021. I truly hope this is not the case and we can fight this disease as quickly as possible. College football is on of this country’s most decorated sports and traditions and it would be painful to not have a season this year.


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