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How to Make a Smarter Fan

When looking through any team’s fan’s social media, it is easy to find a wide array of opinions.

From hot takes to celebrations – frustrations and musings. There is no limit to what a fan will want to discuss and argue. As great as that is, it often comes off as misinformed.

So how do we begin to shift fan’s learning to include logical and factual evidence in their arguments? How do we make them smarter?

Take the Ohio State – LSU connection the past year with quarterback Joe Burrow.

Having been a career backup at OSU, breaking his hand during a quarterback battle, and eventually losing the job to a record breaking Heisman finalist and NFL 1st round pick in Dwayne Haskins, he transferred to LSU.

After a mediocre year in 2018, he completely flipped the script and broke almost every positional record conceivable.

Oftentimes, fans are misinformed and illogical beings.

When that occurred and he ended up breaking the Heisman record for votes, OSU fans were quick to celebrate the Athens, Ohio native and former OSU player.

LSU fans did not take too kindly to that.

They believed OSU fans did not want Joe Burrow and cast him aside leading to his eventual transfer. However, the exact opposite is the case. Many wanted him to start over JT Barrett and rooted for him against Haskins.

So how do we make a smarter fan when instantaneous reaction is king on social media?

It begins and ends with research. While many individuals will refuse to go the extra mile to learn about opponents or other team’s fan bases and operations, it will be vital that they do. And with how easy it is to access, it should not be a detriment.

Networks and media outlets like ESPN, Fox, CBS, The Athletic, etc. can also begin to incorporate information and analytics that help write a more complete story of teams and individuals.

Think of incorporating SP+ and Sagarin’s ratings. Fans, who appear to often look to those outlets for their argument’s backing, would already be more knowledgeable.

So in the end, incorporating additional information and finding ways to allow fans to learn more meaningful and logical information, the smarter they will become.

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